August 31st, 2015

Pest Control vs. Bird Control

It is a common belief that bird control somehow falls under pest control and that a pest control technician has the same qualifications as a bird control specialist. This is not the case and the reasons are very obvious:


Pest control companies are in the business of exterminating living organisms, insects, etc. – primarily using chemicals –  which can extend to other vermin that could carry disease. The majority of their work is therefore on the ground. Pest control companies also have a larger number of staff and they can change/train new employees easily (because previous experience is not critical).

Bird control companies however never exterminate, never use chemicals, their work is always at heights and have very few, but very experienced technicians. Experience is crucial. For example, here at Pigeon Busters, high risk, challenging jobs are done only by me or with the help of a very experienced (min. 10-years) subcontractor.

This explains why you should only hire bird control experts for your bird problems. It also explains why you will pay more for a bird control professional and of course why their work will provide you with a higher quality, better looking and longer lasting outcome.

By nature the pest control industry is immense, while the bird control sector is small, when compared. The pest control industry is dominated by a few, large, international corporations, while the bird control industry is more “levelled out” with small to mid size businesses. Pest control companies work both inside and outside, while bird control companies always work on the exterior and are constrained by the weather.

Owners of pest control companies are usually busy making business decisions to grow the company and almost never actually work on site, while owners of bird control companies are usually always engaged in actual work as their hands-on experience can be crucial at a dangerous work site and for this reason growing the business is not a priority. Indeed, some bird control projects are extremely dangerous with risk of injury by falling and why would any pest control employee risk their lives for regular pay? Even general liability insurance and WSIB requirements are completely different. The average pest control technician is simply not qualified to work on a construction site for example, let alone operate machinery.

Another differentiating factor aside from dangerous working environment is in the planning stages and processes. Pest control planning and consultation is strategical in nature, while bird control is technical and often involves the architect and engineers to address structural and aesthetic challenges.

Here are some of the commonly used words from these two completely different industries:

Pest Control Words: pest/pesticide, poison, parasite, kill/exterminate, chemical, bait/trap, bacteria, disease, contaminant, application/treatment

Bird Control Words: deterrent/repellent, barrier, exclusion, removal, installation

They sounds different, don’t they? Birds are rarely pests, never need to be hurt as they require special approach – not just getting rid of them. They can be discouraged humanely and effectively to leave your home or property, but only by a bird control expert.