Bird Netting

Stopping buildings from going to birds using Bird Netting.

Installing bird netting on top of a cooling tower.Bird Netting is a very effective exclusion product. Due to its flexibility, lightweight and low visibility it can be used on almost any configuration of structure. High-quality netting is made of polyethylene (not polypropylene), it is knotted (not knitted or molded) and has 40+ pounds of breaking strength. Mounting bird netting to any structure requires serious planning and it is always project specific, often requiring custom designed, engineered and fabricated hardware to facilitate proper integration, which in turn ensures aesthetics, effectiveness and longevity.

You may think that netting is easier to apply on residential homes than commercial buildings. The opposite is true. Consumer level structural materials are always lower grade, mounting can be an issue and the possibility for something going wrong is much higher. Netting installation is involved and it is most often used for commercial applications and apartment balconies for any size of birds.

Furthermore, remember that cheap, nylon bird mesh/netting performs very poorly, yet pest control and wildlife companies use them often. The lifespan of inexpensive, low quality netting is extremely limited. Ask for independent, professional advice before you commit to a contractor.

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