Bird Spikes / Pigeon Spikes

Nowhere near as scary as they sound

Bird Spikes are a proven, long-lasting and maintenance-free bird control solution that humanely deters pigeons from landing or roosting on your home or building.


Keep pigeons from landing or roosting. Will not harm birds!


Commercial or residential buildings can equally benefit from bird spikes.

  • Humane and Safe. Bird Spikes are blunted, NOT SHARP!
  • Fully maintenance-free!
  • Repels pigeons and larger birds.
  • Long lasting, stainless steel prongs.
  • UV-protected, transparent base.
  • Flexible!
  • Breaks into smaller sections, when needed.

More Information

Bird spikes or pigeon spikes are popular due to their ease of installation and they are the most effective bird control product if properly installed.

Our high quality bird spikes strip design consists of marine grade stainless steel, stiff, blunted prongs that are inserted into a UV-protected, transparent, flexible plastic base.

This well-thought-out bird spike strip also has maximum horizontal and vertical ledge coverage with a staggered spike configuration that is not too dense and not too loose. Dense pigeon spikes configuration will collect debris/nesting material and loose pigeon spikes configuration will allow pigeons to get a foothold and squeeze in between.

Avoid using needle type pigeon spikes as these can injure the installer and/or the birds and collect debris easily. Improperly installed pigeon spikes will fail, contact us to get a quote for a professional installation with a warranty.