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February 24th, 2018

Competitor FAILS

To kick of this 2018 season I’ve collected few photos to show why Pigeon Busters is chosen over the competitors. The answer may surprise you, how simple the key to success is: WE CARE.

We care about the work we do, our work represents who we are as human beings. It’s all about responsibility. We don’t feel comfortable if lines aren’t straight, we don’t like when anchors aren’t spaced apart equally, we don’t like when surfaces aren’t sparkling clean and we don’t like to BS. We don’t have time to waste and therefore we don’t waste your time.

Unlike other companies who’s work looks like this:

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August 7th, 2015

Bird Friendly Glass

All new developments in the City of Toronto are required to implement some level of Bird Friendly measures – by Toronto Green Standards. New buildings must use exterior Bird Friendly glazing to reduce bird collisions that have been fatally affecting the migrating birds and protected species. Bird Friendly Glass.

Architects have been struggling with the new mandates, because up until now only second-rate decals and highly visible dots or other fritted patterns were available. These considerably reduce the aesthetics of the glazing, especially within the first 12 meters above grade – where transparency is almost always a must and where collisions are more likely to occur due to the surrounding vegetation.

Cheap, short-lived decals and expensive special order fritted patterns that block the view are now of the past. ORNILUX is the new, clear solution that is visible to birds, but fully transparent to the human eye.

ORNILUX Bird Friendly Glass: The transparent solution

With the understanding that birds are able to see light in the ultraviolet spectrum, ARNOLD GLAS has developed ORNILUX Bird Protection Glass. The glass has a patterned, UV reflective coating making it visible to birds, while remaining virtually transparent to the human eye.
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April 29th, 2015

Bird solutions can look good! Painting Bird Spikes

Painting Bird Spikes.

Notice the painted spikes towards the right blending in with the background.

Bird spikes are a proven, long-lasting method for keeping birds off ledges and sills. While they work great they are frequently installed on ledges against dark backgrounds, where they are far more noticeable and unsightly, especially if the ledge is located lower. In front of lighter coloured backgrounds this of course is not an issue as the thin, stainless steel rods of the spike strips blend in smoothly.

The solution is to paint your spikes! Some customers – who care about their business and their image – are willing to pay extra for this tiny detail. In our opinion, it’s well worth it! Continue reading