Commercial Buildings

Birds and business don’t mix – commercial pigeon control.

We recognize the complexity of your bird occupancy problems and we focus on solutions that address the core issues. Our range of services are designed to offer sustainable and humane method of managing bird habitat. We are insured, WSIB covered and hold all required certifications to work safely and effectively on your property. Commercial pigeon control.

We work with a wide range of commercial clients spanning the industrial, institutional, military and sports landscapes including:

  • Construction
  • Real Estate Development/Architects
  • Property Management
  • Aviation
  • Government
  • Agriculture
  • Hospitals
  • Stadiums – Sports Fields, Bridges
  • Roofing
  • Signage

Pigeon Busters – unlike most pest control companies – is independent from product suppliers and our recommendations are solely in the best interest of our clients. We won’t sell you lethal or ineffective control methods and monthly service agreements. Our 18 years of experience in the bird control sector guarantees a proven strategy to resolve your problems. Throughout the years we have worked with reputable companies, architects and engineers to provide customized solutions for the most challenging structures – our Projects Portfolio speaks for itself.

No two projects or solutions are alike

We visit your property, investigate the problem, sit down with you and listen to your concerns and then present a solution and a quotation. We have an armoury of existing products ready to install, as well as custom fabricated solutions for more complex situations that are engineer certified. This is where our creative problem-solving expertise comes into play; we have never been stumped.

Before you call a Pest Control Company

We are experts in the field of bird control – this is all we do. We have the necessary experience and expertise to provide you with a transparent assessment and sustainable solution; the same cannot be said about pest control companies. We are insured, WSIB covered and hold all required certifications to work safely and effectively on your property.

Most contractors will provide you with a quick-fix and your problem will return in a matter of weeks. The quality of workmanship of pest control companies is usually very poor, but their price is equally or even more higher than that of an expert.

Anybody who is experiencing a bird-related problem should seek independent, expert advice from a pigeon removal company such as Pigeon Busters.

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