Cleaning & Disinfecting

Cleaning up the scene of the grime – balcony cleaning services

When it comes to cleaning up after pigeons we are very effective: we are properly equipped with experienced professionals.

Cleaning is always part of our work and it is mandatory before our technicians begin installation.

What’s more off-putting than an area that’s been heavily bird-bombed? The droppings not only look and smell disgusting but also attract other vermin. Inevitably the stuff ends up tracked into your home or building where it combines with house-dust to degrade interior air quality. Balcony cleaning services.

This stuff is bad

But not as dangerous as most companies say – just to scare you. Wild birds do not transmit diseases to human beings. It is a Pest Control Industry scare tactic myth to induce consumers to buy pest control services and products. However, crap is crap and common sense is all needed when it comes to cleaning and lots of elbow grease. Exercise caution before you come in contact with it – wear protective clothing, mask and gloves.

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