Pigeon Removal Solutions

Skills, knowledge and experience – not just pigeon control products

We are completely independent and free from any commercial interests in pigeon removal products and suppliers. There are an endless variety of bird deterrent products on the market: bird netting, bird spikes, electrical stuff, audio devices and scare tactics. Which one should you buy?

If our line of work would be as simple as putting some spikes in a windowsill we wouldn’t be in business after 20 years.

The answer is none. Because pigeon removal products are only effective if they are installed properly. Safety, accuracy, ability to adapt to a variety of structures and site conditions, option for customization and attention to detail are critical. Think about precisely installing 125,000 square feet of bird netting in a 70 million dollar airplane hangar, 100 feet in the air. Then think about planning it out, the margin for error is an inch (if a tiny sparrow can slip through somewhere, the entire job is compromised).

Most products seem to be designed universal, but they certainly are not. The highest quality, best-designed products are our bottom line of course, but we don’t stop there. We go further and ask the question: how? Then we start looking into the details. Professional and humane pigeon removal is not product oriented, it is process oriented – we got it down to a science.

Learn about the products we use, such as Bird Netting, Bird Spikes, Cleaning & Disinfecting, Electric Tracks, Cat Netting and Wire Systems.

We’ll help you avoid ineffective systems

Pigeon Busters would never recommend the use of any products that are ineffective. The products and methods below are completely useless and any reputable company would advise you to stay away from using them:

  • Sticky gels or pods
  • Owls, balloons, tapes and decoys
  • Chicken wire
  • Audio devices with speakers that emit signals audible to humans
  • So called “ultrasonic devices” (most birds don’t hear in that frequency range)
  • Scents and sprays
  • Light reflecting or laser devices
  • Poison (Avitrol, illegal in many areas)
  • Birth control
  • Extermination

Download a PDF version of this list.

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