Architects and Engineers

Designing and engineering with birds in mind

Birds are a fact of life wherever humans build. The question is, will you plan for them before, during or after construction? Pigeon Busters collaborates with architects, engineers, property owners and facility managers at any stage of a building’s lifecycle.

All but invisible

Our solutions blend into the architectural-mechanical whole as seamlessly as possible. We pay the utmost respect to the architectural plan, as well as the building’s mechanical function and accessibility requirements. Our installations are a maintenance-free, fully guaranteed, long-term solution.

Protecting it before it’s built

Architects, developers, engineers and builders who engage us prior to construction are helping to ensure their architectural vision remains intact. By getting involved in the early planning and design phases of a project, we mitigate the considerable long-term expenses, hassles and environmental considerations of the ever-present bird factor.

Most often than not it is the surrounding infrastructure and environment that directs bird behaviour and dictates the potential for bird related problems. However, just because a building offers this potential, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the problem will arise. If you want to know whether you will have a confrontation with birds you have to look in your environment.


Cost-effective and ethical

Our approach lowers owners’ long-term facility management costs. Furthermore, many of our clients have found it easier to secure financing for the bird-friendly aspects of a building when these are included in its design and construction, rather than after the fact. Take the birds off your shoulders. We help you evaluate and identify any risks associated with bird habitat to prevent damage to your (new) building and harm to birds. Depending on the current phase of your project, goals and budget, we can provide you with an integrated solution to prevent bird habitat and reduce bird collisions with glass. We select the right products and suppliers, help you write specifications and finish the job.

Many architects plug in general specs in the tender package and pass it over to the builder/contractor. But when the issue comes up again and structural changes have to be made, it pops back to the architect and ultimately it has to be dealt with again, but by now at the extra time and expense of the developer/architect.