Electric Bird Deterrent Tracks

A gentle reminder to stay away

Electric bird deterrent tracks are desired due to their low profile – only 8mm in height. However the system is dependent on a constant, clean flow of low voltage electricity. Any debris, water or snow can short the tracks and they can stop working, therefore it requires maintenance to ensure optimum operating charge – the tracks need to be cleaned and the connections checked. The tracks are fastened using adhesive or screws and are powered by a plug-in or solar charger.

These type of electric bird deterrent systems are advertised as being totally humane and not harmful to birds and humans. However it is certain that the birds feel some level of discomfort and/or pain, because tests show that they get conditioned and keep away from the area after getting shocked.

Installation is very involved and therefore expensive, but worth the investment: As opposed to Bird Spikes, the tracks are durable and don’t interfere with windowcleaners or other maintenance work because the personnel can walk on them without causing damage and as previously mentioned, the tracks cannot be seen from the ground. The system however is only recommended under certain site and environmental conditions for commercial buildings.

Before and after installing electric bird deterrent tracks.


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