Balcony Netting for Cats

Cats in, birds out – with CatNet™

Cat Netting illustration on balcony.We have been installing balcony netting for cats for 20-years. Very effective, quick and affordable way to keep your cat from an accidental fall and let them enjoy the balcony just as much as you do. You can have cat netting installed inside the railing or outside the railing. Most of our customer prefer it inside, because it prevents the cats from being able to jump on the railing, however if you also have problems with birds on your balcony it should be installed outside the railing.

Due to our extensive experience in custom netting jobs we can install cat netting enclosures in any configuration – CatNet™ is also available for backyard-fence-top barriers or for complete enclosures of any kind, shape or size!

CatNet™ is very durable and long lasting: We use proven, high-quality, polyethylene, 2″ square, knotted netting that comes with a 6-year warranty. See an example video of how it looks when it is installed inside the railing.

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