Apartment Balconies

Balcony Netting

After all a balcony is completely unusable with full of pigeon poop and there is no reason why anybody should accept to live with that.

When it comes to balconies the only effective solution to keep the pigeons out is to install balcony netting. This doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy your view anymore and it especially doesn’t mean compromising the building’s structural or visual integrity.

We have been working together with property managements, developers and building restoration companies for over 20-years to help them integrate bird netting safely and effectively with minimum or no impact on the structure and aesthetics of the building. Tenants and Condo owners can equally benefit from using balcony netting and have peace of mind that the work is safe and sound when installed by Pigeon Busters.

On most apartment buildings the pigeon netting installation is approved and encouraged by the property management or owner of the building and you can just simply contact us to schedule an installation. Pigeon Busters is also often contracted by the building management on an exclusive basis to ensure that the installation is structurally safe, uniform and carries an appropriate warranty.

Heigh Ceiling Balcony Netting in Yorkville - inside view.

Heigh Ceiling (two-floor) Balcony Netting in Yorkville – inside view, looking through the netting.

Balcony Netting on entire apartment building - exterior view.

Balcony Netting covering the entire facade of an apartment building – exterior view, looking up from the street.

Some newer apartment buildings and condominiums are understandably protective about what gets installed on the building and they are concerned about possible structural issues, but at the same time they disregard the damage caused by bird droppings; its effect on the building structure and on the tenant or condo owner. After all a balcony is completely unusable with full of crap and there is no reason why anybody should accept to live with that. It is both a health and a structural hazard, which can only be resolved with the proper installation of bird netting.

Proper installation on new buildings or newly restored balconies includes ensuring that the balcony floor waterproof coating remains intact and won’t be penetrated or if penetrated it is treated accordingly. Stainless steel mounting hardware is often specified by builders to ensure longevity. No smaller than 2” square netting for low visibility. High-quality polyethylene, knotted netting. Stay away from cheap, light, plastic mesh with wooden frame installation or other non-professional products that don’t work. Avoid using spikes on balconies as they are not designed for that purpose.

Read more about bird netting here and see the possible ways bird netting can be installed. We can assure you that our netting jobs are of the highest-quality, structurally safe and engineer-certified solutions.

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