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Residential Pigeon Removal

Our approach is keeping the cost down by recommending solutions that remedy the existing pigeon problem with minimal/strategic use of products with a one-time, guaranteed installation. Pigeon removal.

The number of birds (size of the population) living on your home will determine the extent of the work needed and therefore the cost. The locations of habitat is also an important pricing factor. These commonly include overhangs and corners, windowsills, ledges and gutter, gutter-elbow, recessed, semi-sheltered areas, hydro lines and their fastenerspatios and A/C units. These areas can be strategically treated with our pigeon removal solutions. Pigeon removal.

It is important to note the bigger picture when it comes to bird habitat: Most often than not it is the surrounding infrastructure and environment that directs bird behaviour and dictates the potential for bird related problems. However, just because a house or building offers this potential, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the problem will arise. If you want to know the answer to why you are having a confrontation with birds you have to look in your immediate environment. In most cases food and water is readily available somewhere close by and of course shelter, ideal for roosting and/or nesting exists on some part of the exterior of your home. The localized combination of these factors usually results in the problem you are having with the pigeons. Pigeon removal.

The variety of structures on residential homes are many and even though these areas are similar, each problem requires a special approach, because the circumstances are always different. Access to these areas for example are always challenging due to safety concerns. The differences in materials of the structure, its size, age and condition all play a big factor in knowing what works best to effectively bird proof an area. After all we are dealing with birds that can fly wherever they want to and outsmarting them requires experience.

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Pigeon removal - deterrents installed on a residential home.