April 29th, 2015

Bird solutions can look good! Painting Bird Spikes

Painting Bird Spikes.

Notice the painted spikes towards the right blending in with the background.

Bird spikes are a proven, long-lasting method for keeping birds off ledges and sills. While they work great they are frequently installed on ledges against dark backgrounds, where they are far more noticeable and unsightly, especially if the ledge is located lower. In front of lighter coloured backgrounds this of course is not an issue as the thin, stainless steel rods of the spike strips blend in smoothly.

The solution is to paint your spikes! Some customers – who care about their business and their image – are willing to pay extra for this tiny detail. In our opinion, it’s well worth it!

Painting the spikes using spray paint is easy and the result is very satisfying. First you need to find the spray paint that matches – as close as possible – to the existing background (do a test on the background surface and save yourself a headache). Then you need to decide whether to paint the spikes on-site, installed or off-site before they are installed. I strongly recommend painting them off-site, unless the paint and the background matches perfectly and you’ve made all precautions about not letting the paint carried away by the wind to other surfaces – the last thing you want is to repaint the store’s entire facade or spend an extra day of labour trying to remove paint drops off the store sign. Choose a spot off-site, indoors and paint the spikes a day ahead of the install day. Once the paint is dry it’s ready to be installed. Less visible Bird Spikes = Happy Customer = Repeat Business.