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July 18th, 2015

Ineffective “solutions” – Part 1: Ultrasonic Bird Repellers

ultrasonic deviceUltrasonic bird repeller systems have been around for many years and we often get requests to install them. Of course we respectfully decline not only to install, but we simply refuse to submit any bids on such RFQs.

Why are ultrasonic bird repellents so enticing? Because they offer a quick, cheap and invisible solution. At least in our imagination! Imagine: After a few bucks and a couple of minutes you just plug this thing in – or I’m sure they have solar powered ones these days – and off you go, no birds! Wait a minute. We’ve been in business for 14-years and have never installed one, in fact I have never seen one. If this product would work there would be no need for any other bird control product, we could just all buy one of these and consider it done, but many still fall for it.
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