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September 26th, 2016

Don’t Feed The Pigeons!

Do you wish that all pigeon problems would just go away?

Not just the problem on your roof top, that’s going to cause the shingles to deteriorate prematurely, but the one on that apartment balcony across town, where the tenant is unable to enjoy the balcony they are paying for or one of the many city blocks where historic building facades are defaced; and one last one: where beautiful, public parks are destroyed.

If everyone in the city of Toronto would stop feeding pigeons and businesses improve their garbage disposal area, pigeon problems would drop dramatically. Why? Because there is too much food available for them. Pigeons are out and about all day long and if they aren’t picking up food from the ground they are perching on a building ledge, your rooftop or balcony and observe; wait for the next opportunity to find more food. All day long.

Shortly before sunset they start going back to their sheltered roosting and nesting spots: Overhang corners, narrow alleys, recessed windowsills, hydro line fasteners, inside/behind store signs, under roof top A/C units and so on. Pigeons don’t see well at night so they avoid flying after sunset. They seek out sheltered or semi-sheltered areas of houses, buildings or balconies, where they are protected from the elements and birds of prey. These roosting spots are also ideal places to build their nests… and there you have a pigeon problem.

There will always be pigeons, of course we can’t make them disappear and we shouldn’t. However reducing constant availability of food and water outside (in the form of garbage, standing/dripping water and intentional feeding) would significantly reduce the existing population anywhere in the city.

Until then, you can call Pigeon Busters 😉

July 18th, 2016

“Pigeons and the City” Video

Earlier this year I was interviewed for an article in the Walrus Magazine about pigeons in the city.

Shortly after, Blue Ant Media produced this follow up video to the article for the Smithsonian TV Channel. The crew sat down with me for a quick coffee at Propeller Coffee Co. and we chatted about how I started Pigeon Busters and what methods we use to address the issue of pigeons in the city.