Airplane Hangar

125,000 square feet of bird netting to protect the Canadian Armed Forces.


Defence Construction of Canada / Graham Construction




CFB Trenton

Project Highlights

2,500 tons of steel, 210 kilometres of electric cable, 30 kilometres of conduits and 125,000 square feet of bird netting. The latter is to protect the Canadian Armed Forces’ new Super Hercules and other state of the art machinery from bird habitat.

Defence Construction Canada realized the importance of addressing the bird issues at the drawing board and integrated a net based exclusion solution in the hangars’ design.

Pigeon Busters was assigned many challenges due to the eclectic array of structural elements. Moving machinery, hot equipment, hundreds of beams and pipes running in all directions and elevations were some of the complications we effectively resolved.

Some of our custom fabricated parts had to be built on the ground and was later lifted in place and joined to the rest of the netting.