Townhouse Balcony Trellis

We used Bird Spikes and lots of it!


Larlyn Property Management / TSCC 1961


Post-Build Reftrofit


761 Bay Street, Toronto

Project Highlights

College Park is brutally infested with pigeons and severely damaged by their habitat. There are just simply too many of them and they are being fed every day by a few dedicated bird lovers, which of course is causing more harm than good.

Facing the park a row of twelve town houses and their residents fighting with the birds every day. The top balconies of each unit have a nice, wooden trellis, which became the pigeons’ favorite spot to hang around and roost all day watching the events unfold in the park.

The balconies below the trellises got the worst of it, so bad that the residents were unable to use any of their three balconies (which are located underneath each other at every floor).

Pigeon Busters was hired to stop the pigeons from roosting on all of the trellises. We used Bird Spikes and lots of it!

Since the installation everyone is happy: The spikes work wonderfully as usual and they are barely noticeable from the ground, the residents can finally use all of their balconies as they should, and as for the pigeons they continue roosting on the trees in the park.