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I have to add, this is true of every problem in the world,” he says. “Illness, disease, global warming. There’s nobody who can give a solution to any problem that would make it disappear.







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The Roost of One’s Own

“People think of them as pests,” says Christian Szabo, founder and president of Pigeon Busters in Toronto. The pigeon-weary enlist specialists such as Szabo to ease the burden of the birds. His strategy emphasizes deterrence: in prospective urban nesting areas, he installs wire barriers and knotted polyethylene netting, or glues down thick belts of nail-like stainless-steel spikes so the pigeons have nowhere to land. Thus discouraged, they will give up and seek refuge elsewhere. “We just try to redirect them,” Szabo says. “On a grand scale, this might not be considered a solution, because we are just moving the bird from one place to somewhere else. But locally, this is absolutely a solution.” The pigeons will still be bothering someone—just not you.

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