Hospital Cooling Tower

Strictly adhering to the individual characteristics of the existing structure, Pigeon Busters created a fully customized and custom fabricated support frame allowing us to install 8,000 square feet of netting beautifully.


Lakeridge Health Corp.


Post-Build Retrofit


1 Hospital Ct., Oshawa, ON

Project Highlights

Lakeridge Health is one of Ontario’s largest community hospitals, serving 1,600 people every day in Durham Region and beyond.

The hospital had been battling with birds for years to keep their cooling towers clean. With weekly cleanup costs of $2,500 and potentially serious and costly equipment damage, management hired Pigeon Busters for a permanent, professional solution.

The cooling tower consist of several, large interconnected units that are enclosed by a large steel structure to support heavy machinery. The steel structure was completely exposed on top and around the bottom with aluminum louvres on the sides. The finished project features tight bird netting and straight lines with a bulletproof structure.