Dundas Square Billboards

We were brought in to protect the largest billboard signs in Canada from damage from birds.




Post-Build Retrofit


Dundas Square, Toronto, ON

Project Highlights

Yonge and Dundas is not only the busiest intersection in Canada with the largest billboard signs in the country, but a very popular place for pigeons. Birds affect buildings here very heavily. Pigeon Busters was brought in to protect the largest billboard signs in Canada from damage from birds.

The billboards at Yonge and Dundas square are installed on the side of the building in a way to facilitate access to regular maintenance. Therefore there is a large space left in between the back of the signs and the walls of the building. These are the favorite nesting spots for pigeons, due to these signs being very warm even in winter, because they are brightly lit. The horizontal steel support structure provides the perfect roosting spots for pigeons. The area is sheltered and warm.

Access for pigeons to behind the signs are from the sides – these areas are completely exposed and pigeons can fly in and out as they please. As a result damage to very expensive – LED display – signs were extremely heavy. Maintenance became impossible and repair and replacement costs were increasing sky-high. Cleaning around sensitive equipment required special care. We have the right equipment and knowledge to safely clean without causing damage to equipment and machinery. (See our pictures for a before and after shot of some of the mess).
At selected locations we also installed Bird Spikes to prevent pigeons from perching, which – if installed properly – are the most effective ledge protection products available. They are made of high-quality materials that last long and do not hurt birds or humans.