Bridge / Highway Protection

Underpass Park developement in the City of Toronto called in Pigeon Busters to protect childrens playground from damage from birds. Bridge undersides are favorite roosting and nesting spots for pigeons, but not over this very cool playground!


Waterfront Toronto / Eastern Construction


Post-Build Retrofit


Underpass Park, Toronto, ON

Project Highlights

The underside of the highways in Toronto are usually exposed support beams. These girders are often provide sheltered roosting spots for city pigeons. If the number of these nesting birds reach a significant level – overtime – damage by nests and droppings will result to the steel and concrete structure of the bridge and to anything below on the ground.

Pigeon Busters was asked to implement a solution to keep the birds away permanently from these areas. The client’s strict requirements also called for an attachment method that does not interfere with the newly restored steel and concrete surfaces of the highway structure and custom built clamps were fabricated.

Bird Netting is used in almost all cases of bridges. It results in a long lasting, hard to see, 100% bird exclusion that is very hard to see.