Bird Proof Bicycle Storage

Pigeon Busters was hired by Trillium Health and Parklink to build a bird-proof bicycle storage cage for storing the employees' bikes.




Post-Build Retrofit


100 Queensway W, Mississauga, ON

Project Highlights

Sparrows had been nesting at this old bicycle storage area in a parking garage and caused damage to the bicycles. The owner of the parking garage wanted a solution that not only prevents sparrows from entering, but it is strong enough to keep the bicycles safely locked inside the cage.

Traditional bird control products – such as Bird Net in this case – had to be avoided, we needed something stronger, like steel. Pigeon Busters meticulously designed a solid, completely bird proof cage taking into account all the curves and different elevations of the structure. Welding in bird control is rarely seen, but at Pigeon Busters – we can build any kind of structure to facilitate your needs!

The finished bird-proof bike storage featured a full solid precision enclosure, with no gaps, and no holes.