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Engineer-certified Pigeon Busters designs, custom fabricates and installs guaranteed bird control solutions for homeowners, commercial property owners, managers, architects and engineers. Bird control Toronto.

Our guiding principle is to treat birds humanely while preserving the aesthetic integrity of the new or existing buildings on which we work. Our 17-years of bird control experience with reputable companies in Toronto proves that any pigeon problem can be managed humanely and effectively with professional skills and quality products. We are insured, WSIB covered and hold all required certifications to work safely and effectively on your property.

We are skilled tradesmen; when it comes to pigeon problems we’ve seen it all. When you work with us you gain access to a sum of many years of hard work and knowledge – call us today! Bird deterrent, bird repellent, pigeon repellent, bird barrier, bird removal, pigeon removal, bird removal Toronto, bird repeller, bird control system, bird control services.

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Don’t Feed The Pigeons!

Do you wish that all pigeon problems would just go away? Not just the problem on your roof top, that’s going to cause the shingles to deteriorate prematurely, but the one on that apartment balcony across town, where the tenant is unable to enjoy the balcony they are paying for or one of the many […]

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